Black women who game are not unicorns

Screencap of Blavity tweet announcing a Twitter chat to “find” black girl gamers, who are like unicorns.

As always, this Medium post started off a tweet.

Ok so, let’s chat about the whole “black girl gamers” are a myth/unicorns thing. Cause, y’all we need to stop spreading this idea. I’m giving that Blavity chat major side eye right now. Get a drink and sit for a minute.

I know SO many black women who game, yet people keep acting like we’re not out here in droves. We ain’t no damn myth. Let’s tick off some folks who I know as just a start. There’s @Official_BGG with over 1.3K members in the Facebook group alone, also a robust Twitch presence. Members panel at a lot of conventions.

There’s @ThumbstickMafia with @chasinglux & others at the helm. Again, a large community out here, not hiding. There’s the @TheCookoutPoC which has a lot of black women in it. So let’s not act brand new. Many black women stream on Twitch, like @chasinglux @Official_BGG @Imperialgrrl @simplyundrea @PikaChulita @CupAhNoodle @Ellesria me to name a few. Again, stop acting new y’all.

Even the whole BGG’s are like unicorns is BS. We’re out here, been out here so let’s stop acting like folks can’t take five damn minutes and search online. I’m going to bet anything that chat will be a bunch of black dudes moaning about how BGG’s are some rare ass sight when they don’t bother to look. They just think they know of one or two so of course they deemed us rare.

I’m not gonna do that sound off if you’re a black woman who games cause we shouldn’t do the damn labor for others to know we exist. Spend more than five minutes on Twitch watching the same bearded bro’s and maybe you’d see us.

Oh and there’s the opt in list on my site, in case y’all still want to act like we’re some rarity out in the gaming world. And forgot my own org! , and @INeedDivGms, also we have a channel,

Last thing, don’t bring your “all gamers matter” shit into this like this person.


Cause a) That’s NOT what folks are talking about here b) You’re just wrong and c) No one asked you.