In which I have opinions, and brace for impact

So I saw this on my Twitter timeline, an article about how bad women have it on Twitch. Ok, water is wet, this is not news. But it was by a guy, and before anyone goes OMG BUT HE CARES ABOUT THIS ISSUE! DON’T BASH HIM! I’m not bashing him but here’ the thing.

It’s clear he knew the things that happen to women on Twitch are a thing, but didn’t believe how bad it was until he saw it happen to his friend. It’s something that bugs me. I’m tired of the dude narrative of OMG THIS IS REAL NOW because I saw it happen to a friend/partner/family member instead of believing it happens to begin with.

It’s not even a well written piece IMHO, just oh look this terrible thing that women say happens to them happened in front of my eyes, so now I believe it! I mean that’s how it read to me. But there’s not really a point to it, or suggestions on how to make things better for women on Twitch.

I also had a minor tweet feel about it, without even naming the article or linking and of course I got well it wasn’t for you but some people needed to see it. Uh, ok where did I say it wasn’t needed? I said I would rather read a piece by a woman streamer on the difficulties of what it’s like to stream on Twitch, end of my point.

I don’t care about some dude’s sudden awakening to the things that have been an issue for women on Twitch, in light of seeing his friend be harassed. If a dude must write on it, have it be a piece on hey, other dude type people let’s not do this yeah? Or suggest suggestions for it to get better. The environment on Twitch is why I still hesitate to be on cam for streams even with the capability to do so.

So yeah that was my ranty moment for today, pre-coffee. Take of it what you will.

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