Let’s talk about Inclusion shall we? (AGAIN)

Tanya DePass
Feb 15, 2018 · 4 min read
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One of my many Inquisitors

As usual, this spawned from a twitter vent session. Which came about because of the harassment my non-profit has been getting over a simple acknowledgement of our work in making the games industry more inclusive by Machinima. View full video on their tweet (DO NOT READ THE REPLIES OH MY GOD NO)

I got plenty to do today, so lemme get this off my chest now; re: these fools all in their feels about diversity & inclusion in games. Buckle up, this is gonna be a cuss filled, no BS ride cause I’m capital D DONE with these mofos. Full stop, wanting more representation for other folks DOES NOT TAKE AWAY from others. How the fuck did y’all pass basic maths by jumping to this conclusion when people say but what about muh gamez? HUH?

There’s that M&M’s in a bowl are the same analogy to look up if you want visuals. Google it, I ain’t doing basic research for y’all today . But let’s be real, why do people jump to but I’ll have less if X folks get more representation? There will always be your games with scruffy white dude protags, you’ll always have faux Medieval England to go back to. Cause the industry is 76% white dudes making games. POC? Maybe make up 5–9%, MAYBE based on self reported data.

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IGDA DSS 2016 Report on who is making games. Self reported from IGDA Membership

When we do get representation? Some of y’all act like the game industry is suddenly all black, queer and filled with women who want to take away your shooty games. It’s not, unfortunately. Look at the reaction to Far Cry 5’s villains, to Mafia III & Watch Dogs 2 having black leads. Y’all can’t even let folks have a paper thin slice of rep without getting hyperbolic and ridiculous. Let’s talk about the usual claim of reverse racism.

Reverse racism does not exist.

I know I’m wasting my breath because soon as this goes out, some fuckhead will try to explain that it is a thing. It is not. Go learn what the fuck racism means, go on shoo. (Here’s the dictionary definition of racism you fucks. Learn it. ) A few games having a non-white, non dude lead does not mean you’re precious gamez are ruined. Shockingly, multiple kinds of games can co-exist at the same time in the world. I know, it’s a revelation to some.

Let’s also talk about the kneejerk reply of SJW! SJW! Feminazi! when people talk about wanting inclusion. By discussing these issues, we show care and concern for others. If that’s a thing to mock? You’re already lost to me. Any woman, Non-Binary, queer person, especially if they are POC gets very little representation. Asking for more isn’t asking for the fucking moon. It should not be this hard to ask to see ourselves in games.

It should not mean y’all throw another red headed white woman in a game and go look, see we’re diverse! It should not mean weeks of harassment for simple acknowledgement for work done to better the industry. It should not mean that you all are so fucking fragile, you can’t handle a game not being about you, or aimed at you if you’re the assumed default. Nor any media really. Letting others play too doesn’t mean you’re banished from the field.

We can’t do any better regarding inclusion if the mere mention sets off the wailing, teeth gnashing and crying about SJW’s ruining games. Or claiming you can’t have an opinion as a white, cis, straight dude. You can have it but… be aware that your opinion is going to likely be harmful to me and mine. To those of us left on the margins of gaming though we’ve been there since day 0. We can’t get to 201 or 301 cause we’re stuck on 001 conversations on why this matters.

If all you can see is you’re left out when people like me want to be included? You’re the problem and until you get over yourselves & what you think is your eminent domain? We can’t move forward to making games better.

If you like what I have to say, what I do online and over at I Need Diverse Games, consider buying me a cuppa? Or supporting me on Patreon.

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