On being professional, others expectations & opportunities

As usual, this was formed from a twitter thread…

I’m tired and I feel a headache coming on but I wanted to talk to y’all about something. How people respond on here [twitter] sometimes. I’m going to use my visit to Twitch as an example. I got a lot of positive comments & good luck from y’all. Thanks, however some people acted as if I was supposed to show up at their office and read them to filth. Uh, that’s not what you do as a professional.

There’s a time and place for speaking up with zero filter. However, expecting someone to do that when invited isn’t going to work. Y’all have seen me flip out and do such things on here. It’s not that I don’t speak my mind around here. That’s not the issue.

There is a way to give feedback professionally that: a) gets the point across and b) makes people want to engage further. Let’s say for funsies I *had* gone in with verbal guns a-blazing? That talk may well had been canceled & any chance to engage gone. However, I was honest and blunt but not an asshole. I was able to have extended conversations and make plans.

Let’s remember that if you tell someone/expect someone to go off on a company when they’ve got an opportunity, you’re not helping at all. In fact you’re encouraging someone to possibly ruin their reputation and slam the door on future opportunity to get your voice heard. Also, people who came out the woodwork to ask for favors who ain’t nary messaged, followed or interacted before saying I was visiting Twitch.

I see y’all too. That’s some damn nerve and again, a lot of what people asked me to do/act on? Beyond scope of my visit! It’s one thing to ask a friend to maybe, possibly see if they could hook you up but no pressure if it doesn’t work out. Totally another to pop up out of nowhere to ask for favors. Again, you’re asking someone to risk their reputation on your behalf.

So think before you respond to people’s announcements about visiting a company or potential connection. This is why I keep a lot of stuff to myself till close to the event or talk, what have you. People don’t know how to act professionally. But they’ll be the same ones mad because you got an opportunity they didn’t. Look back on your choices & see why.

So keep that in your pocket for the next time you see a friend or colleague get a chance to open doors. People see what you say & do on social spaces. So if doors stay closed to you? Consider why that could be, hmm? Or why people don’t bring you along when they get a chance to help others come up. Don’t be on the “I wont work with them cause X” list. It’s a dark, lonely place y’all.

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