So… ME:Andromeda’s hair options…

Ok so, people have now seen the hair options in ME:A and well, all of three natural hair styles that I could see. Not good…however POC fans who hoped for better options in ME:A are disappointed. This is so not the time to stan hard for Bioware here or other places.

View it for yourself, and then continue on:

Unless you worked on ME:A and can say for certain that more styles will be added I really don’t wanna hear from you. Pretty sure other POC who once again can’t have their natural hair reflected in game don’t care about your what if & maybe either. Sure even if you worked on ME:A you can’t talk about what could or could not be done about a game 7 days out from release.

As a black woman with locs, I can be disappointed that a AAA game can’t do natural hair as well as a 5–6 year old title. I mean look at Dragon’s Dogma, Guild Wars 2 (for some styles). All older games that do natural hair well.

All of these games are pre-Frostbite Engine. So if these older games can do black hair styles, why can’t new AAA titles? Seriously, fly me out. I will let studios take scans of my hair, I will video the process to re-do my locs. Something besides this. Black hair is not a great mystery that can’t be unlocked for new games. Again, look at older titles, they managed it somehow. Or a novel idea, get a diversity consultant. Get someone who can question why you don’t have natural hair, or good D&I in your title.

Another concept, have more POC in your studio or listen to the POC there if you have any. If they dare speak up, you might learn. I’m tired…just tired of still having this discussion in year of our lord 2017 about having natural hair options in games. I haven’t said anything about the chargen cause I haven’t seen it. I’m not cool enough to have early access to the game, so we’ll see.

It’s just really disheartening to know older games can do this well, and yet have this be a thing, AGAIN with an anticipated title.

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