So tired of being told I don’t exist, I’m not nerd enough by the ashy Larry’s out there

Tanya DePass
Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

As always, this was prompted by stuff I’ve seen on the timeline. Again, the usual omg black women don’t game, they’re fake nerds/fake gamer girl bullshit is making the rounds. So here’s a few thoughts on it, taken from twitter and cleaned up a bit for y’all.

Image originally appeared on Offworld for article linked in this post

So tired of the “black women/NB nerds can’t exist because I don’t personally know any” song & dance some dudes are still slinging in the year of our Lady 4C Andraste 2018. Or the “they didn’t fuck with me back in the day, so they’re new and fake/not real gamers” shit I’ve seen on the TL, again.

Y’all niggas will believe stupid hotep shit like black women wouldn’t have periods if we didn’t eat a “European” diet; but you can’t accept we like nerdy shit too. If women were nerdy and ain’t fuck with you back in the day or now? It’s you, not because you’re a nerd. In case you missed it? Being nerdy is common as fuck these days.

Another reason women ain’t fucking with you? You probably quizzed her on any insignificant ass thing you could think of to try and prove she wasn’t a real nerd, so she didn’t bother. Cause some of y’all have bought the okey-doke on this topic hook, line and sinker. To the point you sound like white dudes trying so hard to be oppressed cause they like nerdy shit & refusing to see their just shitty people.

There’s part of the problem, the other part is anyone proclaiming they can tell who’s a real nerd & who isn’t. That’s called gate keeping. Leave folks like that where you find them. Black & Brown dudes still trying to claim we don’t exist? Put down the controller and use google for its intended purpose instead of arguing with us about whether we really like nerdy shit.

Get with the times. Being a nerd is not a protected class, you’re not special because you like video games & anime. Nor is that a shield to use cause you have some persecution complex about being single when you’re likely just obnoxious.

PS: the ignorant ass dudes on the TL still spouting this? Ain’t worth engaging with. You’re not going to change their mind, so mute or block and go about your day. Be well y’all

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