Sometimes you gotta put your foot down…

So, like many people I’ve been sharing articles on Muhammad Ali (RIP), especially about the way many people have tried to strip him of his unapologetic blackness, his work and how he was not having the white man’s foolishness at a time when that could have easily got him killed.

As usual, people did not get it on FB.

Which led to some rather unsolicited, and ignorant commentary on my page, as well as other places I’ve seen online. Which made me rather grumpy because there is always that one person who simply has to get the last word in, who has to try and make a point or takes the opportunity to turn your FB page/comment section into their own little pulpit so they can hold forth with their “opinions”.

News flash, most people don’t care that much about your opinion, especially when you’re trying to shove it down their throat with LOOK I AM RIGHT, ADMIT I AM RIGHT and all will be well. Uh, no. So I bounced the offending party and put this on my page. Feel free to snag it, re-word and send it to that one person on your page who always needs to speak even when it’s not warranted or frankly, wanted. This is tailored to FB, but I’m sure someone can tweak it for other social media platforms.

Look, I’m gonna tell y’all one time. I am not patient or kind when your version of “discussion” or forced debate makes me use the last of my limited, special edition, issued on rare occasions shut the fuck up and be quiet cards on here.
I don’t mind civil discourse, but what I will not tolerate is someone using my page as a platform to hold forth and get the last damned word, especially when I have said stop. When I have tried being nice and you continue? I’m just blocking period. End of story, because this wall is my space to post what I damned well please.
Cause here’s a shocking thing, you do not have to reply to everything I post. I know, it’s hard sometimes for some of you but you can let things scroll by without a peep. You want to have some lengthy ass debate on whatever I posted? Do it on your wall, and this is important; without dragging me into it. I probably will not care that much to continue an argument with you and your friends too.
I’m sick of this happening, mostly because I thought I had friends who could have respectful discussions & not gainsay every other damn thing I post or turn a linked thing into their personal bully pulpit. It stops with me kicking FS [full name redacted from original FB posting] off my page after his forced debate and continual attempts to get the last word in.
People have tapdanced on my last nerve as my gran liked to say, so don’t be that person who steps on it one last time and gets me to unload on you for being thoughtless or just wanting to share your “opinion” and keep sharing it with anyone who will glance at your comments.
Oh and if you think this is me being oh so mean and trying to control how people interact? It’s me putting my foot down on what I will and will not accept on this page in terms of interacting with me and keeping it a space where I can enjoy discussions with friends.
You don’t like it? There’s an easy out. Go to the banner, click on the drop down Friends menu, last option is unfriend. That should work if you dislike someone setting boundaries.
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