5 Reasons Why Reading a Book Makes You a Better Person Everyday.

In our current society where going early to the bus-stop in the morning so as not to arrive late to work or catching up on juicy gossip on the internet or making more money to keep body and soul together is top priority and our attention span is now at it’s all time low, global reading culture has reduced drastically over the years and people don’t bother to look at the positive impact reading can have on our lives any longer.

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Don’t get me wrong, reading news on social media or on the internet can be classified as reading too but what positive impact do all the news and gossip we read online have on our lives physically and mentally other than depression and anxiety? Nothing! We feed ourselves with negative crap everyday for 365 days which is part of the reasons why many millennials are depressed and frustrated about life everyday even though they don’t know it.

In our so-called “modern and computer age”, picking a book to read is not a SIN. No, I do not mean ebooks because you’ll still be reading from a device that will throw annoying notifications at you while you are in the zone. In this article, I will highlight 5 reasons why (and how) reading a book in this time and age, will make you a much more better person.

  1. Reading Opens up a portal

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For lots of people, reading provides an open portal for them to immerse themselves in a different world; the world of the writer. It provides a sense of escape from the physical world — stress, depression, family issues, societal pressure, unexpected changes and a lot more. After reading a good book, you come back to yourself and the world feeling a bit more refreshed and born again with new ideas and perspective to life, inspiration to forge ahead in difficult situations and more focus to persevere in trying times.

Born in a negative and discouraging environment, each and every book I opened helped me find succor in a scattered environment. Flipping through each pages happily anticipating what may happen to my favorite character or the next interesting fact or a valuable information opened a gateway for me into a fun-filled and enlightening world.

2. Improve communication skills

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Before the founders of Grammarly were born, books helped us improve our vocabulary. Nowadays, the most common words you will find on social media or even news networks (and even from presidents) are swear words and colloquial languages which you won’t find in books except ones written by a millennial or Generation Z.

Reading a book very often will help you improve both writing and speaking proficiency whilst developing your confidence as speaking publicly won’t be a problem anymore.

3. Helps us think better

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Reading is the most ideal means to improve our problem-solving and analytical thinking skills. It also opens you to empathy; helping you become more open and receptive to other people’s beliefs, plight, customs and traditions.

You find your creativity levels also increasing through what you’ve experienced and read in a book. Most times, you don’t even know how you come to solve some problems and escape some certain challenges but the truth is, you gradually become what you read and you grow in it; in most cases, good or bad.

We become faithful Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or Jews because of the inspiration we get from the Holy books. We become engineers, lawyers, developers through tutorials and text books we read. We develop ourselves mentally through motivational and self development books we read every time. As you’ve seen, we become what we are through what we read — whether good or bad, so it’s advisable you read books and articles that are healthy and rich with valuable information that will help develop your life positively and add value to your life and people around you.

4. Good form of recreation

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For bibliophiles like me, opening a book, be it old or new, brings this sense of joy little kids have when opening a box of chocolate or presents. Reading is known as a stress reducing activity; it turns your mind into a cinema as every line, chapter and page produces mental sceneries, plots, twists and awesome images and experiences. In short, reading makes you more happier than watching TV and browsing through social media because online and on TV, you can’t totally control what you read and see, and because negative news is rampant and more widespread than good ones, you keep experiencing depression and anxiety while based on preferences and experiences, you can choose any type of book that will appeal to you and help you forget your worries.

In a nutshell, reading puts you in a trance, it helps you travel to places you can’t imagine and reduces depression and stress which increases your serotonin levels.

5. Help develop expertise

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When we do not read, we limit our knowledge to just our everyday experiences.

“Once you stop reading, you start dying” — Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein wasn’t talking about the ‘….cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism’ according to Wikipedia, he meant your knowledge deteriorating. Simply put, if you stop reading, your knowledge of the universe, environment, career, business, life itself will die as you’re no longer aware of current happenings and changes.

Sometimes, it’s even advisable to go out of your field and study something new or different. For example, I know a graduate of Agricultural Technology who also studied and read about computer programming and he’s now a big-time lead developer at a German company. Reading helps you experience other aspects of life and gives you a good knowledge of how everything works.

Reading has been a part of our culture since time immemorial but as time changes, the culture tends to change our die out. It would do us well if we buy a book today and read or even visiting a library as it helps us become better people every single day. A book a day, keeps ignorance away.