CyprusCoin Network Upgrade v0.1.5

PoW: CN_Turtle

Hard Fork Height: 280,000

Estimated Time: 2019–05–03 23:00 UTC

Mandatory Upgrade, miners, and pools be ready!

The code will be posted by 2019–04–26 00:00 UTC

With binaries for Linux & Windows

Some notes on this upgrade:

— The Proof of Work Algorithm is changing, this means miners/pools will need to upgrade software/miner settings. All the software calls CN_Turtle different things.

— The recommended wallet RPC is called CyprusCoinw and is the same API as TurtleCoin’s wallet-api binary. This means look into switching to CyprusCoinw this release in time for the next release. cyprus-service is now deprecated and this is the final release of this binary the code for this will be removed in the next release and unsupported.

— The GUI wallets will probably break, so use zedwallet and ensure you have your keys in case an import is required.

— Shortly after this release, the Android wallet will be uploaded to the Google Play store.

— Once Android wallet is available the Electron GUI wallet will be updated (unless someone else does it before we get to it) and moved to CyprusCoinw.

This is a rather disruptive upgrade as it lays the foundation to enable a smoother development path going forward. The benefits are faster network, mitigating instability issues and ensuring the network is capable of handling all the activity of all the projects launched recently and in the future.

Will post updates through the next few days and will be around to answer queries related to the upgrade.

There will be some other infrastructure upgrades as well, however, let’s leave those as a surprise for next time.