CyprusCoin Updates 09th May

Cyprus Coin
May 9 · 2 min read

We hope you all doing good. As you all know our fork was successful. We want to thank you for the cooperation that you have shown before-during and after the update. There is news we want to share with you.

We were looking for an exchange with NO FAKE VOLUME and strong customer support. We gladly announce that XCY/BTC and XCY/ETH pairs are listed on Citex ( We thank Citex team and our Chinese community for their efforts.

Nest Windows Wallet is updated and ready to download. You can find the download link on our website.

The exchange list and Mining Pool links are updated on our website. Now you can find many pools that you can merge mining many different coins while you are mining the XCY. Thank you to pool owners for making it possible for CyprusCoin project.

We are about to finish our Android Wallet and Stake Owners Dashboard. We are hoping to release them very soon. Once the Stake Owners Dashboard will be ready, dividend payments will be done automatically. Thank you for your patience.

:five: We have completed our network update so from now on our focus will be more on CyprusCoin alt projects. We will spend our best efforts to reach huge success at OffshoreX, OFFSHORE+, Offshore.Cards and XCYBet projects.

We are going to announce a game-changing project in 24–48 hours. Please stay tuned for the great news. Thank you for being a part of our great community.