CyprusCoin Updates 16th May

There is great news we wish to share with you. First of all, we were extremely busy and we know that we are a little late with this announcement, so sorry about this slight delay.

We know that our website is missing a lot of information. On the 24th of May, we will launch our new website with a better roadmap, useful links, and other important information about CyprusCoin project(s). Please do not hesitate to give your suggestions for our new website.

OFFSHORE+ marketplace keeps growing. We have started to add games, game keys for Steam, PSN, Xbox, and PC platforms. We have already added 300+ new products and we are planning to continue to add more products until the end of the month. We will notify you once we are done.

Offshore.Cards project will have an extreme turn. Our Offshore.Cards project will be evolving in the fact that you will be able to use other reliable coins to pay for purchases and withdrawing cash via ATMs using your Offshore Card. finally has a discord server ( you may join to get fast support, updates and bonus offers from Join now. XCYBet project keeps growing! Next week we will add new table and casino games plus the ultimate online gambling experience of live casino to XCYBet website!!! We are sure that you will have a lot of fun.

We are currently working on a deal about having a hardware wallet (offline wallet) for XCY coin. We are at the early steps of this discussion. We will update you as soon as we will have news about this development.

To make the OffshoreX project more successful, we will remove the coins that haven’t been received by deposit yet and we will add to the more promising projects with enough community support. Please do not forget to tell us your suggestions at OffshoreX discord server. Stay tuned for further updates!

Thank you for being a part of our great community.