P2PB2B.io Withdrawal Warning

P2PB2B is asking extra funds to update our wallet at upcoming 5th of May network update. We did not agree with them. It looks like they will disable withdrawals and deposits by 4th of May and will not enable until we agree at a price. Therefore, Please withdrawal your XCY coins from P2PB2B until the 3th of May midnight.

Even their withdrawal limit is maximum 50.000 XCY, you can do multiple withdrawal requests. We will not be responsible for your coins if you will have them in your P2PB2B wallet by the 4th of May.

While you are withdrawing from P2PB2B please withdraw to your desktop or web wallet first. DO NOT directly withdraw to other exchange. Because P2PB2B wants you to use the SAME PAYMENT ID which you have used during deposits to P2PB2B. If you don't know your payment ID please click to deposit at P2PB2B first, Copy your payment ID and use the same payment ID during withdrawal (Of course after writing your web or desktop wallet address.).

Thank you for being a part of this great community.