Why Sex Robots Don’t Work for Women
Emma Lindsay

It’s no secret educated women suffer romantically. Even with better access to powerful intelligent men, we suffer a kind of romantic import dilemma of too many Russian models and H1B visa fashion designers. But here’s how a robot/AI could help.. if there was an AI match-maker of sorts that you talked to.. who was your non-judgemental confidante and the gatekeeper of your data analytics. The one that warns you when it seems like you’re spending a lot of time on bodice-ripper fanfic sites and not enough actually talking to another human. The robot can then sift through all sorts of dudes who seem to share your interests (like a good guy-friend would do) and then realistically manage your expectations when you go on a date (virtually) with them and tell you objectively whether this guy is a good match for you based on your own ranking of what topics matter to you. Then the robot/AI can collect feedback from you and modify these measures based on your self-reported level of emotional attraction to this person. What would be great (and guys need this too) is some kind of Siri/Alexa/AI that can help sort your feelings — help chart your navigation as a human through emotional minefields.

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