How to Buy Gadgets on Classified Ads And Be Protected From Scams

The buy and sell gadgets phase in classified ad continues despite the many warnings why people should not get involved in such. Let’s admit that with the many scams there are people who would naturally warn other consumers not to acquire their gadgets online especially if it is second hand. This in turn has discouraged some people from also delving in the possibility of reselling their old gadget too.

Scams are inevitable but it doesn’t mean that every person who buys and sells gadgets online is a fraud. Yes, there are limits as to who to trust but there are also ways to ensure that the person you are trading with is reliable and credible. has one of the most trusted resources of gadget sellers. However, the site also encourages buyers to be careful. While the team behind IkawNa is cautious about the people they do business with, its number one priority is still the customers. Before a person learns how to sell items, it is best to learn first how to buy one.

Be very wary of bogus sellers.

Scams are inevitable so you have to be vigilant when it comes to selecting items online. To make sure you are not being scammed with a gadget sold to you, you need to first check the gadget’s price.

Scammers usually sell gadgets at a drop price that seems too good to be true. They also accept remittance as the only mode of payment and if they refuse to meet up. These people usually promise to ship the gadget to you after paying it. Of course this brings us to the second way how to not tell if they are bogus sellers.

The testimonies are power confirmation whether the seller is a scammer or not. These should come from other registered site account holders who have tried their hands in buying from the site too. You should also check the account holder’s badge. This will definitely help determine whether they are bogus sellers or not.

Don’t force prices to drop.

One of the most common traits of those who are under the buy and sell Philippines industry is the “tawad” moment. These are moments when buyers try to lessen the price. However, gadgets sold online have fixed prices despite being in the classified ads. Of course they can lessen the price but remember don’t force it. After all, they may just make a deal with someone who is willing to pay the price they posted instead of you who try to haggle his way to acquiring it.

Always be mindful of the meetups.

Meetups are good. You can inspect the gadgets before purchasing it. Make sure you can meet up with the seller and also bring a friend in case it’s just scammer. For those who will do meet ups you need to also ensure that the gadget is reliable and it functions well. This is the reason for meetups after all.

There are many gadgets sold online. has an ASUS X555 Gaming laptop, a Sony VAIO and a Macbook2. There are other gadgets sold there too which you can check out. Just remember to always check the price and if it is possible for you to meet with the seller.