The Power of Video Recruitment

Cyriac Lefort
Aug 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Believe it or not, sending a video application is much more powerful than anything else if you want to get to the first interview (by anything else, I mean the same cover letter that everyone else has).

Videos Is Better Than Text

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text” — it is scientific, our eyes are attracted to movements, so it is logical that videos capture people’s attention.

Think about it. If you have a great personal experience to sell — one that you know will make you stand out for a particular job position — chances are that the HR person reading your paper submission may not grasp the full experience in a letter! You have far better chances to be heard than to be read.

On the other side, if you don’t have that much experience to sell because you’re a young graduate (along with the 160 million students looking for 1st job experiences every year), you can differentiate yourself with soft-skills such as personality, oral expression, and critical thinking. Once again, this can’t be done with just a letter.

In both cases, if you really want to grab the attention of a recruiter, there is no secret weapon that you could add to a cover letter…instead you should send a dynamic video to be heard!

Young graduates now record 10 minutes of selfie videos a day !

The research firm Forrester reported that a 60-second video is worth about 1.8 million words. Imagine the chances and the opportunities you have today with video! A few years ago, who would have opened a cover letter coming from a foreign country for recruitment purposes? Paying for a flight ticket and meeting a potential talent based on a few lines on a piece of paper would have been too high of a risk-cost ratio. Today, video enables that experience. It reduces the risk and enables more opportunities for the applicant.

A Video Is the Most Efficient Way to Apply for Jobs

On average, an application process takes 41 days. It is painful for candidates to wait, and for companies to review. However, sending a video application streamlines this process to just 7 days.

I am the co-founder of Heroes, an app where young graduates can apply for jobs by answering pre-recorded video questions asked by the companies. In only a few weeks, we managed to connect +10k talents to companies. And guess what? The average response time is 48 hours. Companies are very responsive to video applications because they feel more connected to the candidate.

I traveled the world for one year to interview entrepreneurs in the Tech industry with my co-founder (see the book we wrote), and I remember one of them from Australia telling me that he had a no-intern policy. However, they recently hired one simply because he received a video application. Our around-the-world survey consisted of meeting entrepreneurs and asking them “Would you prefer a video instead of a cover letter?” The entrepreneurs confirmed that for most of the job offers, they would.

Don’t Be Afraid

The reaction we get sometimes is, “doing a video is great, but it’s not for me.” Don’t forget that the recruiter isn’t a film director looking for the next Johnny Depp…you will have a physical interview at some point, video just makes the process faster and smoother.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s some data for you: almost 80% of all internet traffic is video. It’s becoming a standard communication tool.

Cyriac Lefort

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Cofounder at Heroes : we help young graduates to find their first jobs, and we make it as simple as sending a Snap. I also published a book. French based in SF.