Common Sense in Technology Cycles
Julian Counihan

Excellent piece of analysis, many thanks for sharing your passion for Perez’s work. I don’t tend to see AI, Additive manufacturing or sensors as a new ‘Perez’ techno cycle honestly — as I read her work, we have to look elsewhere, for something far more ‘unlikely’ or ‘bizarre’ or ‘unethical’ .. In one word, disruptive. As was the emergence of a silicon chip in the 60's. My candidates would be typically things like quantum computing, a new energy storing device (far more unstable and therefore powerful than batteries), new GMO foods/medicines, near-human virtual friends/partners, intra-body health-keeping micro robots, or in a different space, a period of time where the money supply is abundant at scale (a continuous cycle of strictly zero interest rates). All of which are rightfully perceived today as utopia or unacceptable.

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