Why you need to Apologize to Your Kids

Most of the parents in this world make mistakes which can hurt their children. However, not many parents seem convinced about apologizing to the kids after committing those mistakes. The reason is the ego and a sense of authority which doesn’t usually make sense.

But, the matter of fact is that apologizing to the kids can actually turn out to be even more beneficial than not committing the mistakes and, hence, not apologizing.

Apologizing is actually nurturing

When we talk about nurturing, we talk about the process which helps the kids to be self-confident and grateful. In other words, there is no room of imposing serious kinds of laws when you focus on nurturing, because nurturing yields much better results than imposition of instructions. So, it is also the fact that you are bound to make mistakes as a parent. And those mistakes can actually hurt your kids. Therefore, apologizing to the kids after those mistakes can strengthen the bond between your kids and you. This is what can term as absolute nurturing.

Apologizing makes you a role model

Children try to find a role model in a person they love the most. You can surely try to be cool-minded and loving person to your kids but you would certainly lose your cool over some matters. After getting rid of that anger, you may realize that this session of anger has produced a gap which needs to be filled. So, you can apologize. The best thing which actually happens during the process is that your children would learn about repairing the connection after messing up things.

When you apologize, you do not give up authority

This is one of the biggest confusion which the parents have. They hesitate to apologize only because they think that it reduces their authority over the child. It’s not true. Instead, apologizing actually strengthens the connection between you and your kid. The child chooses to be grateful to you and tries to be the shadow of your character. It’s actually great. Isn’t it?

The mutual respect

It is the fact that we want our kids to be respectful and well-mannered. But you cannot train your kids to be like that if you are firm on imposing instructions and showing no flexibility. Oppression only develops resistance, which you wouldn’t want to see in your kids. Therefore, if you want your kids to be loving and forgiving, you should be ready to apologize whenever you make a mistake.

You can feel better by apologizing

Although the children are persons about whom we can have the right to do anything, it doesn’t mean that hurting them is going to be something we can just be relaxed about. It has been witnessed many times that parents feel guilty after hurting their kids but hesitate to apologize due to ego. This is wrong. You can let go of the guilt by apologizing and then spending some time to rebuild the connection with your kids.