The Vertices SDK now supports Application call transaction: the missing link for connecting your IoT devices to Algorand’s smart contract.

Cutting-edge Blockchain technologies provide more efficient, transparent, and safe ways to back up our economy than the banks, but the blockchain's actual advantage goes beyond transacting money. New use cases are created and we are now able to program ownership transfer by using Smart…

In our quest to connect IoT devices to blockchains, we decided to start with the ESP32 microcontroller, from Espressif Systems.

Vertices Network was born from Algoduino, a project making it easy to connect Espressif boards to Algorand using the Arduino framework. It was a good move to bring support to the microcontrollers from Espressif as they are probably the most common WiFi chipsets. The recognized ESP32 is a very cheap microcontroller that can connect using WiFi or Bluetooth Low Energy. Coupled with Arduino, it is very easy for anyone to connect pretty much anything to the Internet.

At Vertices, we…

As we are writing those lines, Bitcoin has reached its all-time high recently and there is more money into Bitcoin than in both the entire Brazilian Stock Market and the British Pound Sterling.

It all started a decade ago and those numbers are the results of the many benefits provided by such decentralized technologies. Adoption is growing, for the better with:

  • Full transparency — Industries are lacking transparency that cannot be easily enabled with centralized technology: sensible data is locked by the organizations (often intentionally 😕). …

You may not realize all the quirks happening behind the scene.

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

You can test your software as much as you want, the product you are working on may work great at the office but will undoubtedly get plenty of unexpected issues in the hands of end users. Firmware is hard to debug in its real environment and developers have to admit they tend to overlook the issues occurring on the spot for the sake of convenience 🙄. …

In this series, I wanted to highlight easy ways to implement a few Quality Assurance (QA) processes when you are the only person working on Firmware in your team. If you feel that you don’t need it or that it looks like an enormous amount of work to make those processes truly work, think again, we are in 2019.

At Equisense, I first wanted to speed up the development process by automating as many tasks as possible, like building new Firmware packages and deploying them to our beta users and final customers. …

An extended metaphor of the startup life.

TL;DR. Be adventurous, or leave.

Believe it or not, working within a small startup is like being part of a crew of pirates looking for treasures. The brand is your flag, and you want to plant it in every piece of soil.

A big milestone has been achieved.

We’ve been working hard to build the first connected sensor for equestrian sports and so far it’s been an incredible adventure. We were quite silent when we went through the many difficulties we faced but the community behind Equisense Motion has been supporting us since the beginning. For the people following us, it’s no surprise that we are behind schedule so you can be sure that this news is also a big relief for us at Equisense! All we have to say is thank you!

This article is about how we built the Equisense…

I’ve been studying for about 21 years now. This year was the last one of my career as a student, and probably the most interesting.

This three-year engineering degree I’ve been pursuing at the University of Technology of Compiègne, France, was eventful. I met lots of great people but I won’t talk much about my life as a student here and my crispy adventures. This one is about me being Firmware Engineer in a startup I’ve been following and supporting since the very beginning while studying at the University.

As a full-time student, I’ve been pursuing different projects in various…

I am a graduate student at the University of Technology of Compiègne, France. At the same time, I work as Firmware engineer for Equisense and I am helping to build the first connected equine tracker.

As I don’t have knowledge in designing PCB, we worked with a 3rd party for our first PCB prototype to do the schematics/layout/gerber and to assemble our first batch of 5 PCBs. Together, we defined specifications of the product at the hardware and firmware levels. I took charge of choosing the components and wired them during the elaboration of the schematics (microcontroller, BLE module, sensor…

This article was originally published on my blog on February 11, 2015.

Last year, from February to May, I was looking for an internship in the US and found one very interesting at Podo Labs. Unfortunately, the US authorities didn’t accept the internship because guys at Podo Labs worked in their apartment (although this is part of the US culture to start companies in the garage…). I learned this misadventure back in August, 3 weeks before the start date of the internship.

As I really wanted to go to the US for this internship, I decided to stay in France…

Cyril Fougeray

Embedded Software Engineer

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