Being an artist is not just about being skilled at painting or drawing, it is about having the ability to make the world see what it is and what it could be. There are many kinds of artists: musicians, painters, sculptors, bakers, chefs, actors, dancers, photographers and many more.

Nova Villa, a known actress; Bayani Rumbaoa, the man behind the coins; and Bing Basit, a photographer are three of the artists that have told the stories about their passion for art. What made them professionals is not just formal education, but their experiences and devotion to their work. They are similar in a way that they were all inclined with what they want the world to see and not what they want to have. I chose the three of them because I can see that they are true artists, for their mindset is not focused on money or fame, but on their decision to follow what their hearts desire. Through their statements, I have seen that they love their own pieces of art and they are still engrossed in producing more of them. They are different in the ways they express themselves through art and having experienced a variety of situations that made them who they are today. They have distinct personal perspectives on how they see the world.

Their roles, as an artist, is to use their abilities to make people appreciate the beauty of the world, show them the different aspects of life and improve their views in the environment they live in. I also want to be an artist and I want to possess their natural qualities like creativity and being open to criticisms. I want to have unlimited and new ideas like them. “You cannot please everyone.” And I admire their openness to the public and their preparedness for being judged and misjudged with their works.