How to gauge if your business should apply Blockchain Technology

“This is like the next Uber, but for Watermelons!”

If you’ve not heard such a statement, then you’ve not gone for enough entrepreneurial meetups. Uber has become the go-to word for random first-time entrepreneurs to describe their most-of-the-time pretty useless ideas (and this is an understatement).

But over the recent…

Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Tron Protocol and Cryptocurrency

Tron was founded in September 2017 by its founder Justin Sun, former University of Pennsylvania graduate, founder of Peiwo App — the Chinese “Snapchat” version, and former Chief Representative of Ripple in China (Check out our blog on Ripple: Ripple — Revolutionizing Corporate Payments). Tron’s ICO was released on September…

Election illegitimacy has been a huge issues across many countries. Photo by roya ann miller

On Sunday, 15th April, 2018, African Blockchain Initiative made a significant stride in decentralizing African voting systems. For the first time in the continent, elections were run on the blockchain during the African Leadership Academy student government elections. …

Cyril Michino

Cyril Michino is a Co-Founder and the Product Lead at Chaptr Global. He is also a Blockchain Educator and Consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya and Milan, Italy

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