It’s been ☝🏼 year,

And it’s just the beginning.

Building Tribe… everywhere. :)

Exactly 365 days ago, the first line of Tribe code was written. The four of us had rented a small house in the South of France to experiment building new products. We gave ourselves one rule: “There has to be a magical feeling with whatever we build.” Later that night, Tribe was born.

As we tested the app for the very first time, there was a common feeling amongst the founding team that we were onto something very special.

After a one week coding sprint, we had an MVP for an entirely new way to chat. After showing the app to friends, we quickly realized that what we had built was solving a lot of the problems that every day texting presents us with.

“There has to be a magical feeling with whatever we build.”

We were sold. We were all in on Tribe. Four weeks later, we packed not only our bags, but our entire lives, and moved from Paris to San Francisco…

That day when the four of us arrived in our first San Francisco 🏡.

We’ve paid lots of attention to why people are using Tribe and in which situations it is most useful. We are continuously iterating the product to appease all of the feedbacks are loyal users give us.

We are intent on continuing to build a world-class product. We have been fortunate enough to raise money from top notch investors that we are so thankful to team up with.

⏱ The time is now!

Over the past few years, video has rapidly become much more integrated into our daily lives. We are constantly consuming video content on our phones thanks to better devices, better networks, and a shift in people’s behaviors.

Facebook and Twitter have dedicated an incredible amount of time, money, and resources to their video platforms with Facebook Live and Periscope. Snapchat has allowed an entire generation to feel comfortable recording videos of themselves, hearing their own voice, and talking into a camera. The stories feature that both Snapchat and Instagram have rolled out shows that video is how people want to express and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

🙋🏻 Convenience

We think that synchronous conversations are inconvenient and often times require planning ahead of time. This is why we made Tribe 100% asynchronous. Watch your messages on your own schedule and send videos at your convenience. Our user trends are showing us that people are finally comfortable chatting via video each and every day.

🍿 Tribe, always evolving.

New Tribe office in San francisco.
“I’ve personally responded to over 500,000 questions from users, one by one, via personal videos. We’ve learned a lot.”

Tribe is a result of a one week coding sprint. While we are pleased that we created a product that has been useful and valuable for our users, we are continuing to evolve our product to stay current with the change in human behavior where the main communication channel is video.

We are currently beefing up our platform to be the most simple, efficient and fun video-based messaging app ever. We have a lot in store for our users, as our team has been hard at work developing the perfect video messaging platform.

🏇 Expanding our Tribe family

We are currently and quickly growing our team. We will be bringing on passionate creators that want to build the world’s next great communication product.

We are looking for the best of the best to tackle this challenge. Our team of 8 is determined, energetic, fun, and comes together as one when decisions need to be made. We work out of a gorgeous house in Noe Valley with views overlooking downtown San Francisco. The entire team just finished two months working together in Paris and the south of France. Everyday we walk as a group and eat as a team. Our tribe team truly gets along as best friends.

If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in our life. We’ve taken it one step further by liking what you do with people whom you truly respect and enjoy being around. We are a family at tribe, and we are looking to grow that family.

It’s our mission to build you the best product possible. We are on the way to making this happen. Come join us for the ride. (

As always feel free to ask me anything on Tribe, my PIN Code is 0001. You can also log in to leave notes here on Medium and hit the “Recommend” button if you want more people to read this little piece. Thanks :)

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