I think your sense of compassion is out of proportion with the reality of what is America today.

What you state in regards to our government is true. But you missed the point. The fact that you look at those human beings and see them as low skilled does not show compassion. So the only way you would be okay with helping is if they have something to offer. How about the self gratification of giving opportunity to those who do not? How about sharing what you so blessedly have with others who need it? You definitely missed the point of humanity. You don’t get to pick and choose who you think is worth helping. You choose all good people, educated or otherwise. And if you actually take a look at the educational systems and curriculum in the Middle East, you would know that the people graduating from there are much smarter than the average American. Kids in middle school study 8 subjects. High school, they study 12 to 15 subjects. By tenth grade, they are studying what is equivalent to college level material from a respectful UC. And yes, I DO know. You want to do the humane thing? Put your numbers aside, and go out and help people. Anyone. Our own. But do something instead of complaining about helping others. If I had a smidge of the money that people like Trump had, I’d be sponsoring as many of those “low-skilled” refugees as possible. Nothing is more rewarding than helping to save a life. And don’t ever forget what our country is built on. Immigrants who appreciate what they have, and work hard because they know what it’s like to not have it.

I hope at least this Thanksgiving you give thanks for everything you do have. For the opportunity to even be able to have the luxury to voice your opinions instead of fearing death coming from guns and bombs at any moment.