Spotlight on the CyRise teams: The HackHunter Story

Jun 20 · 7 min read
Tracie Thompson, CEO, and Mike Thompson, CTO, cofounders of HackHunter

The dynamic

Mike Thompson, testing routers against HackHunter at Penten, Canberra, Feb ‘19

Together they’re quite the duo. They know what it’s like to work at an executive level. They know the importance of product development, of getting buy in, of collaboration. And they’re also steered by a code of ethics; always wanting to approach things in the right way, to give back to the community, to be engaged in conversations, to listen.

Why WiFi?

Tracie Thompson pitching the HackHunter solution at CyRise Demo Day, May 2019

The freedom of accelerators

Finally hit the sweet spot

The problem is just as big

Giving hackers and hoodies a bad name

The urgency to care

Tracie and Mike on the CyRise Mission to Israel. Tel Aviv, November ‘18

The desire to democratise security


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