The 2018/2019 CyRise Cohort

We kicked off the CyRise 18/19 accelerator program at the end of October. 45 days in, and though you’ve probably seen us share happy snaps on Twitter and LinkedIn, we’re yet to publicly announce who is in the cohort. It’s well and truly time to shed a light on this clever collection of cyber security startups.

So, here we are, gifting this to you a few days before Christmas.

Announcing the CyRise 2018/2019 Cohort

Cynch Security is a digital membership that enables a business to use cyber resilience and security as a competitive advantage, no matter their size or technical expertise. Members have access to online training and assessment of their digital footprint, all from a tailored platform.

In the CyRise program are cofounders Susie Jones and Adam Selwood.

Dekko is a secure workflow platform for sensitive and confidential data exchange and organisational communication. Dekko is used by organisations that understand the risk and impact of human weakness and malicious attacks in data breaches.

In the CyRise program is Jacqui Nelson, Managing Director.

Detexian is a simple-to-use, set-and-go threat detection and response software deployable in 5 minutes. It’s designed to not only detect but also respond to early signs of attack and compromise to protect businesses from data breaches.

In the CyRise program is cofounder, Tan Huynh.

HackHunter alerts you when the WiFi you are using is being hacked, wherever you are. HackHunter monitors the WiFi network for hacking behaviour and tools and alerts when they are detected. The device is fully portable and can be used anywhere WiFi is used — in the office, at home, even at the airport.

In the CyRise program are cofounders, Tracie Thompson and Mike Thompson.

Scram Software secures unstructured data files. Scram learns user behaviour, detecting and responding to abnormal access patterns, using strong encryption to limit risk to material data exposure.

In the CyRise program are founder, Linus Chang, and his business partner, Steven Chua.

The SecureStack platform lets you build and manage secure infrastructure everywhere using a “build once, deploy everywhere” methodology. Giving you complete access to your security insights automatically from one solution. SecureStack secures your cloud.

In the program is founder, Paul McCarty.

In the first 6 weeks of the program we’ve met with 25 mentors, 19 cyber industry leaders, hosted 5 Lunch ’n’ Learns, visited Sydney, and spent a week in Israel experiencing their high-performance culture first hand.

The CyRise teams all working hard from the SOSA base in Tel Aviv.

The result so far? A lot of inspired and exhausted founders, ready for a speedy siesta before returning in January to a brand, marketing and sales focus. We’re looking forward to bringing you more updates on the teams and the program happenings ahead of our demo days in late April/early May.