Combining SEO and PPC for Best Results

When we talk about online marketing, we usually talk about SEO and PPC. Both of these methodologies are different due to the kinds of roles they have to play, but you may find it interesting that there are many ways you can combine both to get the best results. Since your ultimate goal is to attract people to your business, you can find the perspective of combining both methodologies as an effective way.

One thing worth mentioning is that both PPC and SEO are not cost effective when you select one of them. But, you can certainly find overall online marketing of your website pretty less expensive when you manage to find opportunity to combine both. SEO is expensive in a sense that it is a long-term strategy and it requires consistency which only the professionals can have. And if you are picking PPC only, you are going to have to bear higher expense for this automation. The purpose of combining both is to use the best aspects of both in order to improve traffic in an ideal manner.

Now, we are going to discuss some ways you can combine SEO and PPC for your business’s online marketing.

Old tools, new applications

Long-tail keywords have been very effective in the past. Now, search engines focus on search intent rather than old-fashioned keywords. However, you can use long-tail keywords to tell Google about the search queries for which you don’t want your website to show in result pages. This technique is particularly beneficial in the PPC campaigns where you just cannot waste your resources.

Making use of PPC data

It is not hard to pay attention to the ads data that does well in PPC campaign. Then you can use that data to repurpose your SEO strategy. For instance, the ads data that does well in PPC can be used for fulfilling Meta description requirements for SEO purposes. Moreover, you can track highest CTR of the pages in PPC and choose the best performing topics to write content for SEO.

Keywords are still very important

Keywords used in the PPC campaigns can be used for developing and promoting SEO content. This concept is not new but it is so effective that you need to have good knowledge about it. Since your PPC campaign brings all of your content on the top, you will be able to figure which content is clicked and viewed. The keywords used in PPC in this scenario can give you clear path for the development of an effective SEO plan.

Be careful

By now, you may think about combining SEO and PPC as an all-good process. The matter of fact is that it does tend to provide you with better results on every occasion but there are instances in which this approach may not work. Therefore, you will have to have better analytical approach to identify true opportunities.