What is PIVX and where does its value go from here?


I bought Bitcoin at $28 dollars and invested in Ethereum while it was still in single digits.

As an early adopter of blockchain technologies, I see compelling technical improvements carried on by PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction) namely in terms of enhanced obfuscation, transaction speed, and governance that aims to decentralize control with a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) based protocol with a consensus algorithm, which dynamically adjusts its block reward size between MNs (Masternodes = 10,000 PIVX) and staking nodes (<10,000 PIVX). In particular, the PoS implementation comes ahead of Ethereum’s much anticipated Casper release and allows users who hold PIV in their wallet to stake their coins and earn PIV for helping to secure the network. PIVX is leading the PoS blockchain pack to give institutional banks a run for their money. For instance, if you staked 1,000 PIVX today ($1,293) you have potential to earn 4.41 PIVX (or $5.70 at current price today) every 14.68 days. These are a few key reasons why I not only see it as an undervalued investment — albeit volatile — but also an important early improvement in existing blockchain protocols compared to its peers with significantly higher market caps.

That said, the recent correction does not surprise me nor does it dampen my enthusiasm. It only serves to shake out short-term speculators while the community consolidates. I recall doubling-down on BTC around the nadir of its correction post-Mt. Gox fiasco as well as doubling-down on ETH post-hard fork following the DAO hack. In retrospect, BTC and ETH lost over 81% and 75% of its value after their prices corrected in the past from their ATH to nadir, respectively. If you are looking for a less volatile asset, then you need to go invest in Tether (USDT) or just keep your money in a bank at near 0% interest (same difference for anyone that doesn’t get the joke). Needless to say, those long term positions in BTC and ETH have produced significant ROI.

For what it’s worth, I’m quite bullish on the intermediate to long term prospects of PIVX and see this correction as an opening opportunity to cost average for the long haul. My point is this, for those of us who were early adopters in the crypto space, we have been here before, and for those that are keenly attuned, we can sense the undervalued nature of this asset because of its unique properties (PoS, 60 second block time, and private send to name a few, which trounces what BTC, Monero, and even Dash have to currently offer).

I notice that this correction has strong support at ~$1.10. Ultimately, it’s human nature where the masses tend to be so myopic that they get cross-eyed. People will be reading this post in years to come and wondering why they didn’t learn about PIVX while it was still in the single digits…

PIV long and prosper address: DRpgAgtX964nWPTv4s1sT3psQkt31m7cx9

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