The statue of Lady Justice stood in the court yard. It had a blindfold over its eyes. This wasn’t because it was about to be executed, it was like, a metaphor for how justice was blind. …

I’m carrying a loaf of bread down the street like a baby.

It’s warm in my arms, as a baby would be, and has little baby legs too.

And big eyes, also made of bread.

Call the police.


At the bookstore Pam sold books the way farmers sold wheat. She would open the store every morning and the “Wheat” would be there, ready for the marketplace. She could take a thing of “Wheat” out of the “Ground” and sell it to just about anyone. Sometimes a person would…

The doorman stood by the door, as usual. A hungry look in his eye. A hunger that could only be satisfied by opening a door for someone.

“No need to open the door for me Steve,” I said as I exited the building. “I got it.”

Probably disappointed, the doorman…

Cyrus Leddy

Being cool. OnLine. Writing.

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