DNC Shatters The Illusion Of American Democracy In Order To Keep People’s 27 Bucks
Caitlin Johnstone

Enough is enough. It’s time to unite. Fight the Right, not among each other.

For the record, DemExit just helps Republicans. That’s why Bernie/Elizabeth Warren/Keith Ellison/Merkley and the hundreds of other solid lifelong liberals are calling for unity, not this bullshit crusade some on the far-left are on.

For the record, the DNC has the power to do exactly 2 things: raise money and plan a convention. That’s it. They don’t set primary rules, they don’t have the power to tell the states how to run their primaries, where/how to ballot, if/whether to have caucuses vs. primaries, whether to have open vs. closed primaries, etc. They don’t have the power you’re assuming they have to do the things you’re accusing them of doing. They were way too chummy with Clinton vs. the campaign that ran on attacking the DNC (Bernie), and you can bet they have learned that doesn’t work for the progressive agenda and the far-left of the party.

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