NMP Reflection

Every time after having the lecture from the agents of the Weather Channel, there is always a lot of information to intake. Everything that they shared with us bring me new perspective, I would say a corporative perspective, versus the academic perspective that most of us have. I felt really excited that the FieldPro research and development project provides us with opportunities to see what it feels like to work on a R&D project in real life.

By brainstorming ideas that we might have and any suggestions that we can give for the existing materials, I really feel that I’m part of this program. In this second visit from the TWC, Mr. Steven updated us with what’s going on with this project — the technicians have finished running the beta test for the FieldPro, they are deciding between whether to make a straight app that we can upload videos to or leave it with a web-based system like Aspera that they currently using.

There is a consistent question that they asked themselves all the time — how to build a community of people submitting content while they are not getting paid? To resolve this question, one of the best starting points might be thinking about some existing apps that pretty much do the same thing, let users upload videos without paying them. One of the app that I can think of is Meipai, a Chinese social network, video messaging app, sort of like the combination of Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, with over 100M users within just a year. Why this is a huge success in China? The users never got paid, but one of the incentives that they have is they enjoy the feeling of being a director themselves. With unique music clips, 12 different filters and over 50 songs to polish everyone’s homemade video. Boom, it become an instant success. Of course, there are other important reason that why Meipai is a huge success, I’m going to investigate more later and write another paper about that.

Mr. Steven asked us what were the four most important key components of mobile video. Somehow, the first component that jumps top of my head is humor. The answer he gave — less than 30 seconds, must has a cat, not vertical and instant click way (versus full screen). One of the other keyword that he mentioned all the time is “Having a good content”. Content is the king, no matter what platform, we have to focus on great storytelling. I’m so glad that Mr. Steven also shared some of his experiences in the corporate environment. There was once he thought one of the video about tornado was really astonishing and expected it to be a huge news once exposed to the audience. However, the expected results never come out and he can’t even figure out that why a good content didn’t become a huge success. It turned out to be that they looped this video so many times that the audience are muted to it. What audience always looking for? — New, fresh blood. Thus being creative is of paramount importance.

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