Monthly workshop_BCG_Ray_Case Interview Practice

case interview簡單來說可以分為四個步驟來解

1. Clarification

Qualitative: Ask about nature of product/service,business model

Quantitative: Quantify the target. E.g., profit increase by 1 million USD

釐清、確認問題/協助客戶瞭解問題:let me clarify the problem….

  • scoping:界定專案的範圍,確定專案要做到什麼程度 E.g.,協助釐清問題、進一步制定解決方案、更進一步協助實施解決方案

2. Structure

Do ask: may I have a few seconds to structure my thought?

select framework depending on case type

Layout needs to be clear and make the process able to track

3. Analysis

Walk the interviewer through your thought, think out loud! 邊想邊說出來

Collect data based on the framework, and give hypothesis/current answer based on the data

4. Final recommendation

l Do ask: may I have a few seconds to wrap up the case

l Elevator pitch

Conclusion : YES/NO, by how much

Give 3 supporting reasons

Next steps



l 把面試官當成partner或是未來合作的其他顧問,要與他共同討論出hypo,並且呈現出讓對方願意與你共事的態,足夠積極但不能態aggressive

l 如果supporting reasons 與結論的邏輯性不明顯,記得多加闡述兩者的連結性。

l 平常面對問題多練習提出三個解答,並確保三個答案MECE。此外,多練習從不同的dimensions提供解答,例如今天午餐怎辦?日式、泰式、台式,或是內用、外帶、外賣

l case interview bridge sentences(有一些常用的句子,要多聽多記,才知道特定的情況如何用英文表述、如何用英文起承轉合)


maybe that’s relevant , but that’s not so important in this case

sth to consider, but need to dig on more


for simplicity sake…..

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