15 Ways to Look Beautiful Every Day

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Bet you never thought of your skin as an organ but it is true. Weighing more than three and a half kilograms and covering over two square meters, the skin you see on you today will not be there the next month. However, while you still have your present skin cells, here are 15 invaluable skin care tips developed by experts at Kaya Skin Care clinics on how to protect your skin.

Glowing Skin

Essential Maintenance Tips

1. Olive oil: Just two tablespoons every day will improve your skin’s resilience to UV exposure and reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. It is also an antioxidant and improves resistance to dermatitis.

Olive Oil

2. Rose: Directly applied to the skin, rose oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which will leave your skin looking radiant.

Rose for Skin Care

3. Turkish or Hamam baths: Sweat out the toxins in your system by sitting in dry and heated room, followed by a scrub-down, the actual bath and a massage at the end leaving you glowing from every pore of your skin.

Hamam Bath

4. Sun protection: No denying the fact that the traditional veil keeps the sun off the skin of middle eastern women. Keeping your skin from being exposed to the sun will keep it soft, supple and glowing. Sunlight has harmful UV rays causing the skin to dry and wrinkle.

Sun Protection

5. Know cosmetic dos and don’ts: Cosmetics will tell you what they will do for your skin, not what you should not do with them. Retin A, for example, is fairly common in anti-aging creams but they should not be used in sunlight as your skin can burn more easily.


6. Air conditioning is dehydrating: The air that is cooled and circulated is usually as dry as it can get. Use plenty of moisturizer.

Skin Dehydration

7. Your body is 80% water: A very common skin care tip, so drink plenty of water through the day.

Importance of water

8. Exfoliate at night: After exfoliation, the skin is quite tender and should not be immediately exposed to strong sunlight. Make sure you moisturize your legs in plenty, especially at night.

Exfoliate at night

9. Use night oils: There is nothing that compares to the feeling of waking up with rejuvenated and relaxed skin so use night oils.

Skin Oil

10. Using coconuts: Drinking lots of coconut water will give your face a glow. Coconut oil is also great for hair if applied before a bath.

Coconut Water

11. Hot and Cold Water: Wash your make-up off with warm water but always wash with cold water before exfoliating because cold water opens up the pores as suggested by experts at Kaya Skin Care clinics.

Face wash by cold water

12. Aloe Vera: It might be great for sunburn, but it is also great for getting rid of eczema, itching and discomfort.

Aloe Vera for Skin

13. Tea tree oil: It can make pimples disappear overnight, disinfecting the area in the process.

Tea Tree Oil

14. Instant skin whitening: Juice of one lemon with a teaspoon of honey used as a face mask for ten minutes and rinsed off will make you fairer.

Skin Whitening

15. Turmeric: Use a paste of natural turmeric and water to remove dark spots and get rid of dark underarms.

Turmeric for Skin