Is blockchain the solution for electric mobility? CZero mobility has been working behind the scenes to tackle challenges in the EV space, using blockchain tech. Now we are ready to go! Join our token sale and be a part of the solution.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) could offer solutions to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with conventional gasoline vehicles. In spite of the benefits of EVs, several obstacles need to be overcome before EVs will be widely adopted. Amidst an evolution in the EV industry, one blockchain tech start up is seeking to cut costs and improve customer experience, in a bid to establish a seamless and affordable EV ecosystem.

Future of EV mobility

CZero mobility has developed working prototypes that were recently patented. “The next phase after the crowd sale will be to move…

There has been a lot of negative hype surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but CZero mobility is among the tech startups proving the critics wrong. CZero is out to make positive global impact in the global warming scene by paving way for mass adoption of electric vehicles. When the dream comes to realization, there will be a marked shift towards the adoption of environmentally safe and affordable mobility. This is a technological solution to the environmental degradation question, and CZero is championing the course with its latest blockchain based inventions.

Where does the problem lie?

As much as EVs are environmentally…

Czero mobility is tackling the EV challenge step by step, while addressing the global climate change disaster at the same time.

CZero mobility is a disruptive startup in the Electric Vehicle space which is now integrating another disruptive force “Blockchain” into its efforts to conserve the environment. This is advancement in the carbon credit system that will see users motivated and rewarded for their environment preservation efforts.

We are a startup based out of India and recognized by the government of India and state of Odisha as a promising 2018 blockchain venture. …

With an ecosystem that provides advanced and cost-efficient rechargeable batteries for EVs, CZero is on a mission to fight environment’s antagonist — pollution.

The adverse effects caused through excessive carbon emission from an average gasoline-powered vehicle are known to all. Vehicles have become an integral part of our lives that we cannot even afford to stop its utility. But, at the same time, there hasn’t passed a single day when you haven’t heard or read a story on climate-change, global warming and degrading standard of environment.

Thus, CZero’s Electric Vehicles Ecosystem on Blockchain is the need of the hour.

Electric Vehicle Ecosystem on Blockchain

Can you envision a world without fuel vehicles? How would it be if people moved around in vehicles, be it big or small, causes absolutely no adverse effects of carbon emissions on environment?

A greener and healthier world, isn’t it?

That’s what CZero is here to accomplish.

After nearly a century with the internal combustion engine dominating the personal transportation sector, CZero joins a band of disruptive startups who have taken the responsibility to create a consumer friendly electric vehicle ecosystem with a vision to accentuate mass growth in the EV adoption.

To ensure…

The mass uptake of electric cars could be made possible with CZero‘s latest initiatives.

In 2016, 96.1 billion cars were produced globally; this staggering figure is not to be compared to the dismal equivalent of electric eco friendly cars produced in the same year. But don’t we all love the environment? Hold that thought. Which cars are our environmental champions driving? Needless to say, there must be a big issue with the mass adoption of eco friendly cars; else the uptake would have been far much greater.

So where is the problem?

Many environment loving car owners have been prohibited…

CZero Mobility

A carbon zero initiative

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