Making the switch from fossil fuels Blockchain start up CZero Mobility is playing a big role.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) could offer solutions to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with conventional gasoline vehicles. In spite of the benefits of EVs, several obstacles need to be overcome before EVs will be widely adopted. Amidst an evolution in the EV industry, one blockchain tech start up is seeking to cut costs and improve customer experience, in a bid to establish a seamless and affordable EV ecosystem.

Future of EV mobility

CZero mobility has developed working prototypes that were recently patented. “The next phase after the crowd sale will be to move the prototypes to working models, this process will play out over the next year” said one of the project advisor Mr. Bikramaditya Padhi.

One notable difference between how charging stations function today and how CZero envisions them to be working in the future is “cost + efficiency.” CZero charging towers will be compatible with most EVs and hybrids and this feature will be able to drastically reduce the charging time of EV batteries. CZero also has working a prototype for wireless charging that will greatly improve the customer charging experience. Notably, CZero has allowed for convenience by allowing for battery swapping in less than five minutes; electric car owners will be able to pull into a charging station and exchange their discharged battery for a fully charged one. What this also means is that the capital cost of acquiring a battery and the subsequent maintenance cost is transferred to the company.

The team behind CZero is well experienced in the EV space and entrepreneurship. The plan is to roll out the project in India first before they can expand to other regions as well, at a later stage.

The push for applying the blockchain to electrical mobility represents a positive shift in environmental conservation efforts. Electrical cars are an eco friendly alternative to gasoline guzzlers that release tones of toxic carbon into the environment. The move by CZero is a necessary step that will blend well with other global environmental conservation efforts towards the realization of safer environment for all.

Originally published at on May 22, 2018.