Our Pre- ICO Starts In 7 Days! Electric mobility Ecosystem on Blockchain

Czero mobility is tackling the EV challenge step by step, while addressing the global climate change disaster at the same time.

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CZero mobility is a disruptive startup in the Electric Vehicle space which is now integrating another disruptive force “Blockchain” into its efforts to conserve the environment. This is advancement in the carbon credit system that will see users motivated and rewarded for their environment preservation efforts.

We are a startup based out of India and recognized by the government of India and state of Odisha as a promising 2018 blockchain venture. Currently, we have successfully patented three of our inventions.

The current pain points in the EV space

The uptake of EV has steadily risen over the years on a global scale. But the growth has been curtailed by significant hurdles that up to now have proven insurmountable. For starters, the cost of purchasing an EV has been prohibitive. Then after the purchase, one still has to deal with challenges such as short life span of Li-on batteries, slow charging and limited number of charging points. In spite of the known benefits of EVs, these pain points have made it difficult for EVs to go mainstream. That’s why we chose to focus on manufacturing technically prudent but affordable charging infrastructure that will allow for the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Some of our flagship products include: cloud connected EV charging stations, battery swapping stations, wireless charging stations, upgrade kit from gasoline car to EV car and the carbon zero tokens.

Our Pre- ICO Details

We are pleased to invite all potential investors to take part in our Pre- ICO which starts on May, 15 2018. We shall be offering a 80% discount for early adopters at this stage. Note that our token is ERC20 and will be swapped to the CZero token once the ICO is over, or hard cap is reached (whichever comes earlier).

Token Symbol: CZero

Token Type: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 230,000,000

Token Price: Based on ICO stage

Hard cap: $50 M

Soft cap: $5 M

Pre ICO Starts: 15th May, 2018

Pre ICO runs for 90 days

ICO runs for 60 days

No new tokens will ever be created

All unsold tokens will be destroyed

ETH will be the only acceptable cryptocurrency used to purchase the tokens. At the 1stage of the Pre–ICO, 1ETH = 7,500 CZero tokens.

Users will need to register here to invest; you will need a Meta mask wallet to send your ETH. Alternatively, you can send ethers to the crowd sale address found on the website.

Do not hesitate from contacting our team for any queries that you may have, we are here to serve you. We would also like to invite you to connect with us through any of these channels.

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Originally published at medium.com on May 9, 2018.