Why The Blockchain Is Good For Electric Car Mobility; CZero Is Proving The Blockchain Critics Wrong — CZero Mobility Token

There has been a lot of negative hype surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but CZero mobility is among the tech startups proving the critics wrong. CZero is out to make positive global impact in the global warming scene by paving way for mass adoption of electric vehicles. When the dream comes to realization, there will be a marked shift towards the adoption of environmentally safe and affordable mobility. This is a technological solution to the environmental degradation question, and CZero is championing the course with its latest blockchain based inventions.

Where does the problem lie?

As much as EVs are environmentally friendly because they don’t release the carbon pollution of gas guzzlers, there has been a slow uptake in the mass market. The reason behind this has to do with cost and convenience. To acquire an average Tesla EV model one has to part with the upwards of $30,000. For those who go for luxury, this would mean coughing up around $100,000. But even after one has acquired an EV, they still have to deal with “range anxiety” due to battery charging impediments. There are just not enough public charging points that electric car owners can access. Most EV owners own a charger at home, but how sure are you that you will not run out of “fuel equivalent” during the day?

Blockchain will solve for cost and convenience issues surrounding the mass adoption of EVs.

Efficiency is one of blockchain’s most powerful abilities. CZero has created and patented three key solutions that will speed up the charging process of electric cars. The end game is to make it easy to afford and to maintain electric vehicles. This is in a bid to strengthen the global green movement and preserve a safe ecosystem for future generations.

Czero is a startup based out of India that is spearheading electrical mobility on the blockchain. This move should help to resolve the longstanding barriers to the mass adoption of EVs. The hope is to utilize the disruptive technology to bring positive change in the world that we live in, proving the blockchain critics wrong.

Originally published at token.czeromobility.com on May 15, 2018.

Originally published at token.czeromobility.com on May 15, 2018.