Who is Coach May?

Coach Jim May in the boys locker room after a game against Fairfield Prep. Photo Credit: Christopher Zuniga.

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Branford — Coach Jim May, of the Boys Branford Hornets Lacrosse team, has been coaching for over 21 years. Along side with coaching lacrosse he has spent just as much time working as a mailman in Branford.

“I went to the University of New Haven and graduated in 1995,” said May. “I met Frank Baron immediately after graduating and started (coaching) at Hand High school.”

He and Baron would coach together for several years and later take their coaching to Branford High School under Brian Atkins. May is now on his forth year of being a coach at Branford and said lacrosse was a very important aspect in his life.

Coach Jim May reminiscing of when he coached his son at Branford High School. Photo Credit: Christopher Zuniga

May’s day job is working for U.S. Postal Service and said he has same attitude at work and on the field.

When speaking on the popularity of lacrosse at his household May said, “ my son went here for four years and I got to coach my son. It was a blessing.”

May would become the lacrosse head coach for his son’s junior and senior year of high school. May said that it was a difficult experience but was blessed to have a son with a lead scorer Branford High School record. Currently May’s eight-year old daughter has embarked in her lacrosse career. May said family is very important in his life but enjoy his coaching family at Branford as well.

At May’s job, he said, “my co-workers are very supportive, they show up at my games. It well known that I am the Branford lacrosse coach at work.”

Coach Jim May at his day job on West Main St.,Branford. Photo Credit: Christopher Zuniga.

May said that his girlfriend tells him that he is a coach 24/7. No matter if he is on the field or at work he finds a way to coach people. May said that because he is Taurus by nature he is a competitive person.

“My players don’t believe the father figure deal when they are here,” said May.“ I would say 90 percent don’t believe that father figure thing but the best part is when they leave we become great friends.”

Coach Jim May at a recent Hornets lacrosse practice. Photo Credit: Christopher Zuniga

May said he has remained a part of his player’s lives beyond lacrosse. May said over the years he has been invited to player’s weddings, got some players jobs and coached with old players. He said his proudest moment, as a coach is when one has an Academic All American player.

“I looked at their grades every single Friday,” said May. “ It’s not about lacrosse and we push the academics more.

May said as a high school coach he want his players to focus on two things, grades and staying in shape for all four quarters.

Referring to May being a father, a coach and mailman, he said, “everything I do from moment I wake up until I go to sleep; I bring character, passion, and a lot of love and enthusiasm all the time. This is what I want people to know about Coach May.”