2008 Fiji

Pieces of Me

Heart beats. Signs of life.
Only as we can imagine.
Without eyes to see. Ears to hear.
Imagination we wouldn’t phantom.

Yet love whispers and hate shouts.
Where did we all go?
Adult laughter. Innocent peace.
Broken images, mended to flow.

Think once. Think twice.
Writing as it comes along.
Blink twice. Speak once.
Words to sing a wondrous song.

Scattered thoughts now break.
Into a flow from me to you.

Engage in a feeling,
That would make the world a better place too.

Smile to that stranger,
And laugh out loud.
Share love to all around you,
And keep hatred abound.

Because love is the answer,
Like DJ Khaled would suggest.
It’s a never ending story,
So let’s make it one of the best.


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