Future Tech: Rendered Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours: Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, Web, iOS, Android, YouTube

Virtual tours take a 360 degree captured or rendered image and map it onto a sphere or a cube simulating a 360 degree experience. The concept is popularized by google street view and can be applied to many different market fields such as architecture, travel and retail. We can render high res 360 degree images that can be viewed through a web browser, smart phone or tablet using a devices gyroscope to match the users movement.

On mobile platforms, virtual tours can be adapted to add different features such as interactive icons to display lighting or material options. The concept can be taken further and applied to a VR experience, taking your phone and a VR device such as GEAR VR to simulate the experience of being within a rendered scene with look based interaction.

Application: As we’ve already seen, the virtual tour is a quick and attractive tool to show off presentations to clients or show things off at an event. Though Virtual tours are not as advanced or immersive as a full VR experience, it will be more viable to some clients based on cost and time.