Software engineer & technologies enthusiast. Author of the book “Unlock the Code”.
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Every time developers start a new project they face similar challenges. The layers of any web application are relatively similar. Following the Model-View-Controller design pattern, they include storage and computational pieces, user interface, and connecting components. These high-level elements are being used in any modern application. …

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Being an enthusiastic programmer for mobile platforms, I constantly struggled to build the backend part of my solutions. Even if it is a simple one, it requires installing the framework and understanding the basic principles. I know that Flask and Ruby on Rails are straightforward. They use popular programming languages…

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Networking is an advanced topic on Amazon Web Services. Beginners might spend a significant amount of time understanding how certain networking components bound with each other. Troubleshooting can also become challenging as it might not be clear what layer is misconfigured.

On the other hand, applying advanced networking features to…

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The idea of “Infrastructure as Code” is one of the best that engineers came up with. We don’t have to worry anymore if something goes wrong with the configuration. Or if the entire business will go down in case someone accidentally deletes important services of the application.

We describe the…

Dmytro Khmelenko

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