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Software engineer & technologies enthusiast. Author of the book “Unlock the Code”.
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The idea of “Infrastructure as Code” is one of the best that engineers came up with. We don’t have to worry anymore if something goes wrong with the configuration. Or if the entire business will go down in case someone accidentally deletes important services of the application.

We describe the…

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Good software does not only solves business problems but also has a good quality. Nobody likes to be annoyed with bugs or permanently degraded performance. Chances are high the businesses will lose their customers at some point. …

Tons of paintbrushes
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Hunting for creativity is a common thing in many professions. The routine can immerse people deeper and deeper, and every day looks like the other one. In such situations, it is difficult to remain creative. As if everything is exactly the same. …

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Did you question yourself why the Internet works that fast? You type text in the search box and get results in a matter of milliseconds. Then you go to your favorite streaming service and the movie starts playing almost immediately.

No doubt, the network connection should have a good throughput…

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The year 2021 slowly comes to the end with only three months left. As expected, the technologies do not remain in the same position and only keep developing. New concepts and ideas are adopted while older ones are getting deprecated.

Software developers have to follow trends in their industries if…

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Every software engineer goes on a common path in their professional life. They study in college and are curious about technologies. They are thrilled to get their first job after tons of rejections. And they are embarrassed after causing an outage of the production system. …

Apple all-in-one
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With the growth of cloud systems, a new trend was established in software engineering. Cloud providers have not only storage capabilities but also computational. These days we don’t need to have physical servers to run our applications. Everything is available in the cloud.

If you need more powerful servers, just…

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A few days ago, several big publications wrote an article about employees who work on two full-time jobs. The entire discussion started around the web portal People share their tips and advice about how to work successfully on a few full-time jobs at the same time. …

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I spent almost a decade with statically-typed programming languages. I love C++ and am a big fan of C#. I was inspired to learn Kotlin and to apply it every day. They are great, and I never understood how it is possible to build software with a dynamically typed language…

Lock on door
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Encryption remains a hot topic these days. Every year, security breaches are found in various algorithms. Then stronger and even more secured algorithms are being developed. Until the next breach.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) invested a lot in security. You want to make sure that your data in a cloud…

Dmytro Khmelenko

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