Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers: types, indications and advantages

Dmitry O
Dmitry O
Oct 11, 2017 · 2 min read

Beauty industry presents some new methods, products and achievements in the fight against age-related skin changes every year. Contour plastic fairly has occupied an honorable place in the world of beauty. Practically every aesthetic clinic provides a wide range of multifarious procedures and services for people of all ages to look attractive and young. The majority of women come to these institutions to get rid of wrinkles and prolong the youth of their skin.

Filler — is the gel, which is injected under the skin into problematic areas. It fills and smoothes different types of wrinkles, removes folds and improves general state of the skin.

In these latter days, hyaluronic acid skin fillers are becoming more and more popular for face contouring. The demand for procedures using dermal fillers increases due to relatively inexpensive price of the gels and equipment. The main aim is to treat aging signs and wrinkles, tighten face oval and improve skin freshness. These products are also used to increase lips volume, correct eyelids and lips shape, etc., without surgical intervention. As well, dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used for the procedure called biorevitalization.

Aestheticians divide fillers into two categories: monophasic and biphasic. The difference is in viscosity and elasticity of symbiosis.

Monophasic — consist of similar particles and molecules, which create smooth skin layer. Thus, natural refreshing effect is achieved. This type of hyaluronic acid fillers for face is usually supplemented by analgesics in order to provide painless injections.

Biphasic, in their turn — are used to solve more complicated aesthetic problems of the contour surface. However, this type of fillers possesses advantages, as well as, disadvantages. It is harder to be corrected due to its density. Nevertheless, the effect after biphasic gel injections remains longer.

The indications for using hyaluronic acid based fillers are:

· dryness, dehydration, inelasticity of the skin;

· the “crow’s feet” effect around the eyes;

· withered corners of the lips;

· flabbiness of the skin of the face,

· labionasal folds, etc.

What are the advantages of these fillers?

Hyaluronic acid, which contains in fillers, is a natural for human body component. The identical compound consists in human body cells and is responsible for maintenance of optimal amount of moisture. With aging, production of hyaluronic acid becomes slower, which results in skin dryness and losing of elasticity. Thus, provoking forming of folds, wrinkles and face contour deformation.

Due to gel-like compound these fillers fill processing subcutaneous area, smooth skin surface and wrinkles, thus, creating rejuvenating effect. These products are perfect for the process of natural skin aging slowing. Moreover, hyaluronic acid promotes keeping moisture in the body and does not provoke allergic reactions.

After the injections clients are recommended to avoid visiting saunas and using makeup in order to get rid of a list of different aesthetic problems and complications.

Fillers became one of the most popular and harmless ways of fighting with skin aging process. Many women prefer it, as in combination with analgesics it is relatively painless and does not require surgery.

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