The types of SPA treatments for your body

It is commonly known that the ancient Romans took baths in thermal springs in order to cure and get rid of different diseases. This method remains to be very popular and effective these days as well. It is called SPA and is widely used in multifarious beauty salon all over the world. Let us consider what procedures are provided for body treatment and what are the benefits.

It’s possible to find many theories concerning the meaning of the word SPA. It is generally accepted that the word is derived from “Sanitas Per Aquam” which means “health through water”. Spa centers are designed to provide people with health, beauty and relax. Nowadays, many beauty salons have mastered multifarious SPA treatments.

Thalassotherapy — is the procedure based on using sea products, such as seaweed, salt, salt water and even ooze, for treatment and relax. It is aimed to help body mineralization, get rid of stretch marks, cellulite, excess fatty deposits, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, strengthen the chest, give the skin firmness, smoothness, restore the body after stress, illness, fatigue.

Ozone therapy — is the treatment that is aimed to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Problematic areas of the face and body are injected with ozone, thus, improving metabolism and restoring oxygen transporting. Moreover, it helps to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and improve blood flow for a prolonged period.

There are a lot of types of peeling, such as seaweed, sea salt, essential oils, coffee, citrus extracts peeling, etc. It is provided to cleanse the skin from keratinized particles, make it smooth, fresh and beautiful.

Body wrapping — is the procedure done with the help of:

· therapeutic mud;

· herbs;

· clay;

· honey;

· seaweed;

· chocolate, etc.

The course treatment provides an opportunity to correct you figure, reduce weight, get rid of cellulite, improve skin tone, reduce the vascular pattern and stretch marks on the skin, eliminate swelling and remove toxins from the body.

Facial treatments, such as collagen face mask in North York’s spas, are provided to improve general health of the skin, tighten it up, make it smooth and soft. The desired are revitalizing, healing, and refreshing effects.

Steaming — is the procedure of body warming-up in a Finnish sauna, Russian bath, Turkish hamam, etc. These rooms are designed to relax, cleanse the body of toxins and remove muscle tense.

Massage. There are a lot of different types of massages offered in spa and beauty salons, such as: hot stone, aromatherapy, oil, relaxation, Thai, anti-cellulite massage and many others. Depending on its type massage can help to improve metabolism, skin health, blood flow and immunity.

It’s necessary to mention treatments, which are common and very popular among men and women of North York — manicure and pedicure. These are multifarious vitaminized masques, massages, baths, paraffin treatments aimed to relax and improve hands and feet health.

All in all, these are not all procedures mentioned. There are also whole treatment complexes designed to provide your body with general health improvement and solving particular issues: detox program, rejuvenation, anti-cellulite program, etc.

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