Interesting take.

I think you raise a few important criticisms here…..whether people will be ok with sharing vehicles etc.

However…….a few decades ago, most people in Western society would have thought eating raw fish insane….yet sushi is incredibly popular now. Attitudes change.

One other observation. I’m not sure people will have to *wait* in the morning for an automated car to pick them up. Right now, based on my behaviour, my thermostat automatically learns when I’m around or not, and turns on or off on its own to save power, yet make sure my house is the right temperature when I get home. Similarly, Google Now/Google Assistant proactively advises me when I have to leave the house in order to get to an appointment on time….and includes traffic calculations in there.

Do you not think computer networks will be able to learn people’s schedules and proactively figure out where they have to be at what time, to make the most productive use of their resources (ie. automated cars)? I suspect programmers will have that problem licked. The network will know when you have to get to work, and proactively either just show up, or ring you to confirm if you want a pickup, and if you pick yet, the car will be sitting there when you walk out of your house.

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