Five Things Old Programmers Should Remember
Gary Wisniewski

Great article. I did a tiny amount of Fortran on punch cards in the 60’s while still in high school. Did the equivalent of a computer science minor at uni, then did hardware for 6 years. Started programming by reading K&R C cover-to-cover a couple of times in the early 80’s and it’s been all downhill since then. After a couple of decades of desktop app development in C then C++ and C# I started teaching myself Objective-C a couple of years ago. When Apple announced Swift I said “Level playing field! Here I come.”. I’ve got a couple of small apps in the App Store (and Github), completed a couple of Swift app contracts, and have been getting on the short-list for permanent roles at some leading app development houses here. Potentially working with/for folks my kids age or younger. BTW — I’m 65 and a half. I find it irritating when someone wants to see my attendance at meetups, and code on Github to prove my “passion” for software development.