Wisdom lies in seeing Covid-19 Pandemic as an opportunity to mend our ways.

The world, as we all know, has changed in the last few days. The change has been drastic, unsuspecting, miserable and ruthless. Worst of all it has affected human kind in ways no one could have imagined. The foundation of Human Civilisation lies in the fact that ‘Human Beings are Social Beings’, but the Covid-19 Pandemic has dropped ink on the paper which carried these golden words, by obliging us to follow ‘Social Distancing’. In matter of months, the world has been transformed. Thousands of people have already died, and hundred of thousands more have fallen ill, from the coronavirus. For millions of others who have not caught the disease, their entire way of life has been changed by it, so much so, that people are claiming the present scenario of the world as the “New Normal”.

On a different vantage though the crisis that the globe is suffering from, at this moment, was perhaps required to curtail the indomitable sense of ownership that we, the human kind, exercise on The Earth and Mother Nature. This was perhaps required because human beings are the only known species arrogant enough to place themselves at the centre of the universe. For the majority of people, life meant simply drifting through it, struggling with mundane duties and livelihood and culminating in the final exit. But things are changing now, faster than ever. We are becoming aware, trying to live life with alertness, understanding and attentiveness from moment-to-moment about ourselves and our surroundings.

In a time, when a serious crisis is confronting the world, when we face threats to our health and feel saddened for the family and friends we have lost, when we feel helpless if not hopeless, one thing we consciously concede is the fact that ‘Human Kind is suffering’. An ultra-modern health industry is losing, ergo people are losing their lives, jobs, sense of security, peace and happiness. But, as is the way of loss, it is rarely about the absolute nature of the loss itself or its magnitude, and more about how victimized we feel. The question that remains now is, how do we light the torch of positivity in the midst of this darkness and who will be the torch-bearer? Study shows 3 out of 5 individuals feel utterly lonely when they are down specially in a situation like this. They are usually not alone, but even with all the help around, loneliness seems to seep in like water through cracks — cracks in our consciousness, and in our understanding of ourselves and our view of life. Human race needs to be repeatedly reminded about the impermanent nature of everything and that one must navigate through the duality of life with courage. We need to appreciate the fact that this global pandemic has provided an opportunity to mankind to unite against the confronting forces and serve the world with a global mindset instead of an individualistic mindset, unlike the pre-Covid era.

In an increasingly interdependent world, our own welfare and happiness depend on many other people. Today, the challenges we face require us to accept the oneness of humanity. Despite superficial differences between us, people are equal in their basic wish for peace and happiness. As the XVI Dalai Lama says, “In this time of crisis, we must focus on what unites us as the member of one human family”. Accordingly we need to reach out to one another with compassion, for it is only by coming together in a coordinated, global effort that we will meet the unprecedented challenges we face.

Today, right at this moment, take a pledge to serve compassionately. Because wisdom lies in seeing Covid-19 Pandemic as an opportunity to mend our ways. Think individually but with a global approach. Develop a broader view; look at the brighter side; practise sympathy and empathy towards yourself and others. Be kind to one another.