Show me metrics that matter

When it comes to social media marketing, we often think of metrics like engagement. But if your job was on the line, and you needed to comprehensively show that your social media platforms are essential for your brand success, could you prove the impact of social media on your business?

That’s the question that keeps social media managers up at night. That’s why I’ve compiled 4 easy ways to demonstrate that your social media has a tangible impact.

1 — Prove the impact of social media by increasing your brand share of voice (SOV)

Your share of voice is how you compare against your competitors, and helps you understand how successful…

2020 is almost here. A chance to restart your strategy and think afresh. But first, end of year reporting.

Here’s how to write a marketing report that will impress your boss, and help you analyze your results ready for next year.

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End of year reporting is one of those painful necessities of the job. You can’t plan for the next year unless you have a real understanding of what did (and didn’t) go well over the last one.

To make life easier, I’ve created a simulated report to give you an idea of the visuals and…

See the world’s 50 most loved brands

The Brand Love Story

Imagine being a loved brand. A company that people rave about. One that’s top of mind, constantly hitting headlines and ranking big with consumers. A brand that people love to love.

It’s not a difficult task. Any company has the potential to be a loved brand. Just take a look at our Brand Love Story 2020 report. We identified the 50 most loved brands from across the world, through the power of social listening. Highlighting just what these brands do to be loved. And what you can do too.

To start your love story, we’ve collected the data we used…

This year, Talkwalker teamed up with HubSpot. To not just discuss the trends for the year ahead, but for the next 10. Bringing experts, influencers, and professionals from across the globe to provide insights, analysis, and actions that will shape the future of marketing and PR.

This is just a snippet of the blog, with a few of the 50+ influencers that got involved. The see all the influencers, visit the original blog or download the complete eBook.


Profit from the trends. To help you make the most of next years’…

Get the metrics you should integrate with your NPS

What is Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) was developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix to calculate your customers’ perception of your brand. It’s used as an alternative to customer satisfaction research, and can be correlated directly to market growth.

It can be incorporated into your metric analysis strategy, to give you a stronger idea of how your brand is perceived by customers. But as you’ll see, it isn’t as valuable if used alone. It needs to be integrated with all your brand data, to give you complete customer intelligence.

The Net Promoter Score calculation


101 million subscribers. That’s the size of Amazon Prime in the US alone. Add in the members on a global scale, and it could be the largest exclusive membership in the world.

But how does Amazon optimize that exclusivity to drive more sales? And how can you replicate that success (though admitted, on a smaller scale?).

As part of Talkwalker’s deep dive into Amazon’s marketing strategy, let’s take a look at the power of exclusivity marketing, and how Amazon has taken it to a global level.

What is exclusivity marketing?

Exclusivity marketing, or scarcity marketing, is simply put, the fear of missing out. By…

Love them or hate them, emoji offer an insight into how your consumers communicate. And to really understand those conversations, you need to understand those emoji meanings. Let’s take a deep dive into Starbucks’ social media mentions, and see how their most popular emoji translate into insights.

Download our emoji glossary

Why you need to know your emoji meanings

Social is fast. And getting faster. And when you’re posting on the go, emoji are the modern shorthand.


I need coffee. My head hurts from all the partying last night.

And be more:-


So much quicker. No wonder they’re on the rise. 😭 (Crying Face) was used…

Download our updated Marketing tech stack report

2018 was a turning point for the marketing tech stack. For the first time, MarTech now takes the highest percentage of marketing spend with 29%, according to Gartner’s 2018–2019 CMO spend survey. Compare this with 22% spent on labor.

To kick off our brand new CMO 1x1 series (it’s going to be amazing), we’ve interviewed our very own CMO, Elena Melnikova, on how Talkwalker defines and chooses its marketing tech stack.

Q1. So, you’re Talkwalker CMO. How did that come about, and what does the role involve?

Elena: 4 years back while on my honeymoon trip around the world I got a call from Robert, our CEO, who…

We’ve covered the trends that will matter most next year. But how do you turn them into impactful campaigns? Here are some successful social media campaigns that foresaw the future, and jumped on the trends before anyone else. But were they trendsetters, or too far ahead of their time? Let’s take a look.

The trendsetting best social media campaigns

We covered the social media trends that will impact 2019, and there are some huge shifts coming next year (you haven’t read it yet? Come on…). And there’s even an eBook to show you how to cash-in on the trends.

But what about the campaigns that predicted…

Free eBook: Cashing in on social media trends

It doesn’t seem 12 months since we last revealed the trends that would shape 2018. But what about 2019? We have a fantastic collection of social media experts, marketing influencers, and PR consultants to give you insider insights into what will be impacting your strategy next year.

With contributions from some of the biggest experts in the industry, like Rand Fishkin, Sarah Hall, Neal Schaffer, Chris Penn and many more. To help your journey through the trends, we’ve split them into 3 categories:-

  • The next age of data — trends surrounding changes…

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