The Tragedy of Reverse Harem Situations and Arrow’s impossibility theorem

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I cannot understand why girl’s cartoons, especially love stories, are so popular among girls.

If you read Japanese girls comics, you would find the fact that these have so many reverse harem stories.

Indeed, most of stories have a kind of golden rules and patterns.

Today I will show you what that means by using an economic view.

To be honest, it leads the tragedy of what heroins cannot choose.

At least, if that would be real…

Reverse harem stories are worshiped among young girls who have not known what is an actual love story.

However, if they went through the real, they could not be happy.

Whoever they picked up…

The reason is derived from Arrow’s impossibility theorem. …

Basquiat’s Dionysian sense

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Nowadays in Roppongi, at Mori Arts Center Gallery, Basquiat’s works are exhibited.

He is one of the most succeeded artist in 1980s and a member of Warhol’s ‘Factory’.

Why did he succeed and his works respected?

Today I will show you my opinion.

It is easy question.

That is why Warhol who was a king of NY art community, priced high worth value and produced Basquiat.

However, it still exists a room of doubt.

Why did Warhol hire Basquiat?

If you see some of his works, you can understand, may be.

His works are beyond the rational idea and process.

Why did this line drawn? …

in view of the world financial economics

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The latest news of England make us notice “he is serious”.

In the United Kingdom, the prime minister Boris Johnson October 17th agreed the new Brexit deal with EU.

This situation seems to be within European Union’s expectation. Especially Germany hope not to talk again any more.

However, this agreement was not in the country. On 19th October, the parliament stopped his arbitrary in the due process.

After all, he revised the new Brexit deal plan.

So why did he fasten the Brexit deal?

It is the reason why the UK met the Pound-crisis in 1992.

It is called as “White Wednesday” or “Black Wednesday”. …

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I watched the latest movie ‘JOKER’.

What was Joker born?

It is easy answer.

That is why mediocre evil exists there.

Of course, the movie is fiction.

I should not talk seriously.

This is ridiculous.

However, nowadays I sometimes saw a kind of the mediocre evil.

For instance, a startup founder get girl friends in his internships.

That is just kidding lol.

It is an example of travel startups in Japan.

This is wellknown as well as the movie actors and actresses are suffered from evil directors.

I will stop this joking.

However, the mediocre evil exists in that you will not decide and that you do not believe yourself.

If you bravely decided what to do, you do not become an evil at all.

In this point, this joker is the worst in all series of the Batman.

Considering Taylor Swift

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created by Daiki Suzuki

Nowadays, I research and analyze Japanese girl’s cartoons.

In Japan, they usually include a kind of love stories.

I wonder if Japanese girls would be forced to go mad.

And the heroines are usually beautiful.

Usually girls want to be a beauty.

However, if you were beauty, could you truly enjoy your life more?

Taylor Swift is a well-known beauty all over the world.

In addition, she is one of the busiest person because of several factor; scandal, trial, a singer, beauty, popular and criticized.

Beauties are not always happy and not felt jealous, I suppose.

For Totti as AS Roma

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created by Daiki Suzuki

Football players will go through performing in 3 or 5 clubs. However, ceaselessly, if you could play a club, would you choose the option?

Francesco Totti, who is a legend of the Football club, AS Roma.

In AS Roma, if you see №10, you hit upon his name.

Often changes are respected by intelligent persons.

However, stay and keep worth as high value as changes.

He suggested the thing to us, i guess.

By Daiki Suzuki

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Created by Daiki Suzuki

Human-beings, most of all, overall, usually hope the miracle would occur as realize your dreams.

However, we would hardly see the situation as we know in actual.

We suppose how lucky successful persons are!

Thus we dream our own dreams as we could get these tomorrow…

However, I have just noticed.

How much heavy the dreams you will incubate are?

If it were inevitable, you would not dream the dream. Not dream but just believe to realize.

Today I quit a job as a member of a Japanese Accelerator and decide to re-boost my own startup again.

I have a little bit of afraid, but it is subtle. …

By Daiki Suzuki

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Divala, created by Daiki Suzuki

I like watching football games.
Sometimes, i thought
‘’Why isn’t that talented player selected in the game…’’
Especially, if the player has talent, he may face the kind of tragedy, more often.
Talent sometimes torture the owners.
Somewhere, sometimes, we may not need two gifted, but one.
Talent sometimes disturb team works.
Talent has a dark side.
But please dare not to care.
Please tweet in your mind ‘’Who cares?’’.
Talent doesn’t only make you sad but also give you the power of changing the world.

~The miracle of Pop Music & Rock’n Roll come into the world ~

By Daiki Suzuki

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Created by Daiki Suzuki

All legend stories always have their beginning stories. The beginning stories are usually poor, weak, small, painful, despaired and no good. However, all the more, the greatest persons evoked their internal massive passions to make their dreams come true.

The Beatles. This band is the most successful and famous musicians in the world. Especially, the pop music & Rock’n roller in the present world. However, even they had spent their painful term in the beginning.

They began to play at a small small club in Liverpool. In Hamburg they performed in the audience who are usually composed of stressful military officers. Sometimes they met so big booming. However, they did not give up and carried on performing over and over again. …

By Daiki Suzuki

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Created by Daiki Suzuki

I held my art exhibition yesterday.

I intended the art history Walter Benjamin said on this event.

In modern days, the meaning of “art” has been changed.

Quoted from “Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit” by W. Benjamin, 1936.

Former ages, Art works has a kind of “Aura”.

“Aura” has the character of the only one, here and now, existence and essential symbol for something.

However, machinery copying technology has changed this situation from the divine one to enjoyable.

Art to Entertainment.

So, I implied to the exhibition.


Daiki A. Suzuki

An Artist & Creator for comic contents. A founder of Glover Transship Co., Ltd. Data Scientist. MBA student. live in Tokyo, Japan.

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