Something I really want

Daiki A. Suzuki
Aug 4, 2019 · 2 min read

by Daiki Suzuki

created by Daiki Suzuki

Something I really want

I have dreams.
I want to be a well known entrepreneur.
I want to marry a beautiful lady.
I want to be a millionaire.
I want to create a great products.
I hope many people would love me even if they would not respect me.

I had a lot of ambitions.

However, I noticed I had not imagined the time after I completed all missions.

Good fame, a good partner, huge money, record and the power of impact…
These elements may not be important for me, perhaps.
It is as a candy for a child.
That may make me happy.
However it would be subtle, for short term.
It is cheap and like cheating my own life.
if it is a true goal, it would be more crucial and miserable.
So, that is no goal but just tools or fantasy.
Human beings hope heroes or heroines in any story would be happy.
If they complete the mission, they should get rewards.
It takes granted.
So we think every succeeded person has already taken numerous rewards.
If it would not be true…

My own goal for happiness would may be close to my own daily activities.
To make people smile, create something, spend time with my true friends and partners.
It may be more important for me.
I imagined I could get a beautiful girlfriend, earn more money and meet more famous persons than now…

It means i don’t feel more happy, rather less than before.
It should be natural.
Because those are not what I want.
It means miserable as you cannot but believe just illusion which someone else create.

Surely, Something I truly want exists on my brave and foolish decision, because of the motivation as I am obsessed.
I hope so…

Creator; Daiki Suzuki

Daiki A. Suzuki

Written by

An Artist & Creator for comic contents. A founder of Glover Transship Co., Ltd. Data Scientist. MBA student. live in Tokyo, Japan.

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