‘’The time is come to act to take decisions’’

by Daiki Suzuki

Daiki A. Suzuki
Aug 10, 2019 · 1 min read
created by Daiki Suzuki

As for Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister
Perhaps he may be popular, however may not be unpopular.
I like such a kind of person.

He mistook so many time, and happened
several scandals.
But he taught us that if you mistook and meet a critical damage for your career, you can get another chance, probably.
He revived after suffered by several fatal blows as it can let him get no opportunity, then show us so many miracles.
His strategies are very clear.
To penetrate to bet on his instinctive confidence as a British.
And show his leadership with his duty.
Just only do that.

I respect Winston Churchill.
Boris also respects him.
I can understand easily.
He will bet on only a chance.
He must wait for the time.
Though Boris is no good,
I appreciate his such an attitude.
It means, if i dare to quote his word,

‘’The time is come to act to take decisions to give a strong leadership and change this country for the better.’’




Daiki Suzuki


Daiki A. Suzuki

Written by

An Artist & Creator for comic contents. A founder of Glover Transship Co., Ltd. Data Scientist. MBA student. live in Tokyo, Japan. https://glovertransship.com

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