Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

This is the third feminist/social-justice themed article I’ve read this week that borrows from the oppression fat people experience to try to make a point. However, this article doesn’t seem to draw any conclusions or make any effort to combat any of the particular challenges we fat people face. This article talks about some of the toxicness related to dating men and using the fat image to demonstrate this, yet does not acknowledge the sad reality that most fat people have been denied the opportunity to date men at all (such as in my case as a fat gay man who has not had a second date in the entirely of his dozen or so years as an available suitor). The fact that this article describes the cathartic feeling of translating this shameful feeling to writing as “feeling less fat” just compounds how problematic this concern is!

Fat people deserve to be fought for, to be not only included the proverbial march, but to have their particular challenges acknowledged, tackled, and resolved by any initiatives with hopes of being intersectional. Acknowledging the fat image without that full process to serve another purpose only helps continue the exclusion we (the inclusive we) already feel.

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