“ The award singles out FEMALE FILMMAKERS in an industry dominated by men, dominated by nepotism…

I have changed the articles, because you are correct about the title.

Here is a response from Shannon Hunt:

“I have yet to receive an apology from the woman who made me feel stupid after the awards for asking for the certificate to be changed. It was definitely not handled that evening because, to be frank, I went home in tears. 
That being said, I appreciate the public apology that was made on the festival’s Facebook page, and thank you, Dane, for bringing up the issue, because this experience has been just another on a long list of experiences in the Edmonton film community in which I’ve felt slighted, censored, and/or overruled because I am a woman. I know it was an honest mistake, but in such a volatile time for women’s rights in the arts, it was painfully careless — not to mention humiliating. The way I was treated immediately afterwards just added insult to injury.
Thanks again for the apology, Edmonton Short Film Festival.”